If you notice headaches every time you enter a certain building, there is a chance that the air conditioning system might be the culprit. Though rare, it’s possible for an AC to give someone a headache. Understanding why this happens can help you solve the issue, so it’s helpful to know the most common causes of AC headaches.

Extreme Cold Can Trigger Headaches

In some cases, the cause of the headache is essentially just brain freeze. When you breathe in cold air, it can stimulate nerves and cause blood vessels to constrict, and a brief headache develops. Most people won’t have this problem, but if you’re sensitive to cold and positioned directly under an AC vent, it can happen. Most of these headaches can be solved by just turning down the AC or adjusting the vents.

Moldy AC Systems May Cause Health Issues

The moist environment of an AC can be a great place for mold to flourish. If you have mold growing in your AC system, you can end up with serious headaches. Constantly breathing mold spores tends to cause a headache, itchy eyes, and a runny nose. If you don’t clean your AC system through routine AC maintenance and keep breathing in mold, you can also end up developing some unpleasant respiratory issues.

Dry Humidity Can Lead to Headaches

The final way that your HVAC system causes headaches is through reduced humidity. As your AC runs, it’s constantly pulling moisture out of the air. Though small amounts of dehumidification are a good thing, if your AC runs nonstop, your humidity can drop to uncomfortable levels. If you start to feel dehydrated, you might have a headache. Sipping water provides a short-term fix, but you might need a humidifier to prevent the problem entirely.

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