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Seasonal Tune-Up in Mesa and Phoenix’s East Valley

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A regular ol’ tune-up once a year can save homeowners a shocking amount of money over the lifetime of their HVAC system thanks to fewer repairs, lower energy bills, and longer-lasting system lifespans. And no other contractor in the East Valley delivers more value for your tune-up than Rusty’s AC & Heating.

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The Best Tune-Ups in Town, Hands Down

Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your AC unit running efficiently. Just one AC tune-up in the spring and one heating tune-up in the fall can save you a fortune on surprise repairs every year. At Rusty’s, our technicians deliver exceptional tune-ups for a wide range of system brands and models. And you can always trust us to do the right thing and never sell you a part you don’t need.

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How Much Does a Tune-Up Cost in Mesa?

Our Price: $129

What factors affect the cost of a tune-up in Mesa?

Cost of the tune-up visit: Most HVAC contractors charge a fixed-price for a tune-up. These prices range from $50 to $200+ depending on how comprehensive the tune-up is. At Rusty’s. We charge just $129 for our tune-ups. And we tend to offer specials for tune-ups in the spring and fall to bring that price down even more!

Maintenance plans: A maintenance plan is a great way to save money on your tune-up visits. For example, Rusty’s VIP Maintenance plan provides two seasonal tune-ups in addition to discounts on repairs, priority service, and much more, all for one low monthly price.

Repairs, if necessary: In some cases, a part may be on the verge of failure. And while it’s not a guarantee that said part will fail during the peak season of the year, it may also not be worth the risk for some homeowners. Rusty’s will always share this kind of information with you during your visit. But we’ll never lead you astray and we will never try to sell you a part if you don’t need one.

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Join Rusty’s VIP Plan and Say Goodbye to Unexpected Repairs

Rusty’s VIP Plan includes TWO annual tune-ups and safety inspections to keep your system running breakdown-free all year long. But we didn’t stop there. Our VIP Members also receive:

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    10% Off ALL future heating & cooling system repairs

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    Up to 10% Off ALL new equipment purchases

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    50% Off ALL trip charges and after-hour fees

…and MUCH, MUCH more!

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“I am over the moon with my experience with Rusty’s AC & Heating…”

—Samuel W.

“I am over the moon with my experience with Rusty’s Air Conditioning and Heating. Rusty and his crew are stand up guys and they charge a fair price and do solid work. Very friendly and trustworthy crew.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tune-Ups

If you are wondering what AC or heating maintenance involves, here are some services typically included with our tune-ups:

  • Cleaning or replacement of filters
  • Cleaning of coils and fans
  • Inspection of moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Tightening electrical connections

A seasonal tune-up is crucial for your HVAC system as it ensures optimal performance and efficiency. Over time, components can wear out, dirt and debris can accumulate, and system settings may drift from their optimal levels. A thorough tune-up addresses these issues, enhancing the system’s overall functionality. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, improves energy efficiency, and extends the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. It also allows for the early detection of potential issues, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs in the future.

It is generally recommended to schedule a seasonal tune-up for your HVAC system twice a year – once before the start of the heating season (fall) and again before the cooling season (spring). This routine maintenance helps ensure that your system is in top condition and ready to handle the upcoming demands of either heating or cooling. Regular semi-annual tune-ups not only maximize the system’s efficiency but also contribute to consistent comfort in your home and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns during extreme weather conditions.

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