The winters in the Mesa, AZ area can get surprisingly chilly. So, being able to consistently rely on your furnace is imperative if you want to stay comfortable. But if you hope to keep your household heating system running smoothly and efficiently, you need to take good care of the appliance. Perhaps the single most important thing you can do in this regard is to schedule a professional furnace tune-up every year. At Rusty's Air Conditioning And Heating , our skilled technicians will be glad to take care of this impactful service for your Mesa area home. Here, we’ll take a look at what happens during one of these tune-ups, which are designed to improve the overall performance of your furnace.

Inspecting Components

One of the most important parts of any comprehensive furnace tune-up is inspecting the main components of the unit. Our expert heating professionals will closely examine the condition of many different parts, including the heat exchanger, the blower motor, the pilot light, and quite a few others. During this process, we’ll be looking for any signs that any of the components need to be repaired or replaced. That way, we can take preventative measures before a faulty part causes your furnace to break down or have a serious malfunction.

Cleaning the System

Another integral part of furnace maintenance is giving the system a thorough cleaning. Over time, things like dust, dirt, and random debris tend to accumulate in and around your heating system. Eventually, this can start to affect the efficiency and performance of the appliance. Our team will clean the coils, fan blades, drain lines, and certain other parts of the furnace.

Replace the Air Filter

When the air filter of your furnace gets dirty or clogged, it can have several negative consequences. These include restricting the airflow of the unit, worsening its efficiency, and impacting the air quality of your home. When we tune up your furnace, we’ll replace your current air filter with one that’s new and clean.

At Rusty's Air Conditioning And Heating , we’ve become known for providing high-quality heating services to residents of the Mesa area. In addition to furnace maintenance, we offer air conditioning repairs, installations, and comprehensive heating services. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family can stay comfortable all year long, and our team will do everything possible to achieve that goal. Give us a call at Rusty's Air Conditioning And Heating today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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