When outdoor temperatures hit the triple digits, it’s also scorching hot indoors. Your home can become a sauna if your air conditioning isn’t working properly. One of the best ways to keep your home cool is by getting an AC tune-up in Mesa, AZ.

Like your car, your air conditioner runs better and longer when regularly maintained. An AC tune-up includes an inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of key moving parts to ensure your system runs smoothly all summer long, without any sudden breakdowns. While no method is perfect for staving off the need for repairs, a regular tune-up is a great way to avoid surprise bills. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of getting your seasonal AC maintenance, including:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Energy bill savings
  • Longer AC system lifespan
  • Improved cooling performance
  • Prevention of costly repairs
  • Cleaner indoor air quality
  • Maintain valid warranty

Learn how a once-a-year maintenance visit can help with your comfort and your budget.

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Better Energy Efficiency

As you use your air conditioner and it gets older, it starts to lose energy efficiency. Some energy is lost due to worn parts that cause the unit to work harder to generate the same level of cooling. An AC tune-up handles small repairs like loose belts or adding lubrication to reduce the amount of cooling power needed to keep your home comfortable.

Energy Bill Savings

Plus, higher energy efficiency means you see savings on your energy bills. Less energy to run the air conditioner means lower out-of-pocket costs for each hour you have the air on.

Longer AC System Lifespan

While the Department of Energy recommends AC replacement every 10 years or so for maximum savings due to energy efficiency gains, many units can last 15 years or more. If you invest in a high-performing unit, you’ll want to get the maximum number of years out of it. Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your air conditioner running for as long as possible.

You wouldn’t skip oil changes for your car and expect it to last long, so don’t skip seasonal maintenance for your AC system.

Improved Cooling Performance

Clogged air filters and other issues can dramatically reduce air conditioner cooling. Simply cleaning your AC unit regularly can boost your cooling, keeping even areas in your home that get full sun cool.

An annual tune-up is the best way to see your air conditioner start working better, even without any other repairs. Better airflow and parts that move more freely after cleaning and lubrication mean more cool air makes it to the vents that deliver the cooled air into your home.

Prevention of Costly Repairs

Clogged air filters can lead to issues with your blower motor. A loose belt can also cause extra wear and tear on your motor, while a leak in your connecting lines could leave you low on cooling fluids. Loose electrical connections might cause shorting and other damage. While fixing these issues is easy and affordable — often covered by the cost of a tune-up — once the damage is done to attached systems, it means more costly repairs.

A regular tune-up, scheduled in the early spring when possible, is often the best way to catch problems early before they turn into expensive issues.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

Doing regular maintenance also means you get better indoor air quality. A cleaner air conditioner distributes cleaner air. By scheduling regular tune-ups, you ensure your air filters are changed on time and the air running through your system is clear of most particulates.

Maintain Valid Warranty

One of the biggest benefits of regular maintenance is keeping your warranty in good standing. When you buy a new air conditioner, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against part defects. If something breaks, you may pay only labor costs or nothing to get it fixed, depending on the terms of any installation warranty. To keep your warranty active, one of the conditions is that you do regular maintenance.

Keep cool all summer long with reliable AC maintenance.

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