There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as being hot in your home. But you’re also trying to keep your energy bill low. Consider the following tips to stay cool and consume as little electricity as possible.

1. Use Fans and Bowls of Ice

Strategically place standing fans in multiple locations of your home. It’s wise to put them in areas that are the most used. Once you’ve set up the standing fan, place a bucket or large bowl of ice in front of the fan. As the wind circulates through the fan, the bowl of ice will make the air feel cooler as it disperses throughout the room.

2. Try a Passive Cooling Strategy

A passive cooling strategy is commonly used in certain types of structural designs. However, you can create your own passive cooling strategy by placing a fan inside two different windows. Open the windows at the start of the morning. Run the fans for two to three hours. After a few hours pass, take the fans out of the windows. Close the windows, and close the blinds/curtains as well. For the remainder of the day, your home will be cooler because of the residual cold air the passive cooling activity generated.

3. Eliminate Daytime Usage of Large Appliances

Reorganize your schedule to use larger appliances at specific times. Instead of turning the oven on for every meal, use it less than three times a week. Prepare meals that can be eaten cold or that don’t require much oven time. Appliances like the oven and the dryer tend to make a room warmer. When you must use those appliances, use them at night during the off-peak hours.

4. Immerse Yourself in Cold Water

Your body has systems to keep you cool. Using water will help this process. Become more intentional about drinking water consistently throughout the day. Also, if you feel hot during the afternoon, take a break to take a quick, cool shower. These tactics can make a big difference in the way your body feels.

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